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CNC Turning

Our CNC lathe capacity includes eight turning centers. With a full line of CNC turning equipment available and a highly qualified and talented staff, Adams Automatic can easily adjust to changing manufacturing schedules in order to meet customer demand. We can manufacture a wide range of products on-time and to your toughest specifications.

Our machine tool capacity allows us to machine up to 2″ diameter bar stock and up to 6″ diameter chucking. Our Multi-Axis CNC lathes allow us to reduce operations and eliminate waste in order to produce a more complete part quickly and efficiently.

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We offer custom CNC turning services to customers in a variety of industries. With over 60 years of experience, coupled with an emphasis on short-run production, our team can deliver quality parts to you on-time. Our lathe department consists of eight turning centers with a capacity of 1/8 to 2-inch diameters


Our line of multi-axis machines is capable of off-center drilling and tapping, including cross-hole drilling and tapping. Our machines can drill and tap up to 1-inch diameter threads on the center.


Our capability includes rotary broaching in both metric and standard sizes. Whether your needs are hexagon, square, spline, or an array of other options, we can meet all your broaching requirements.


We can precisely bore multi-diameter profiles while maintaining tight tolerances. We are knowledgeable in boring a variety of materials, from plastics and brass to aluminum and stainless.

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