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CNC Milling

We operate three CNC Mills with modern fixtures and tooling in addition to our CNC lathes. With these fixtures, and our skilled machinists, we can deliver a more complete part in less time. Excellence and quality always remain high. Our CNC Milling machines have 10,000RPM spindles with fast chip to chip time for quick cycles. A variety of work-holding and fixtures assist in producing complete milled parts as well as secondary machining services of existing parts in order to best fit our customers’ needs. Our CNC milling capacity is approximately; 24” X axis, 12” Y axis and 12” Z axis .

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Our mills can manufacture holes with more precise tolerance and exceptional finishes. These tight tolerances and specific finishes can be produced in an array of sizes and include thru holes, blind holes, tapered holes, and reaming for dowel pins. As a result, costs are significantly reduced, and the savings are enjoyed by our customers.


Modern fixtures can drill and tap multiple thread types in numerous configurations that include bolt circles, cross-hole, and tapping. Our staff is well-versed in standard, NPT, and NPTF threads as well as metric sizes.

End Milling/Face Milling/Slotting

We have the knowledge to mill a wide range of materials and geometries with an assortment of fixtures and tooling. Whether you need end milling, face milling, pocket milling, slotting, ramping or contouring, our team can manufacture a variety of profiles and configurations.

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