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Additional Services

As a full-scale manufacturer of custom CNC parts, Adams Automatic has the capability to offer complete product services, from print to completed parts. Through our trusted suppliers, we offer finishing services such as anodizing, plating, grinding, and heat treating that meet your specifications. We’ll manage the entire process and provide you with the highest quality component parts available

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Many of our customers want to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of their parts. Zinc, chromium and nickel plating are the more common industrial applications for plating. Based on material, type of plating, thickness, and the shape of your part, machining may be necessary after plating. We will review all specifications with you to help achieve your objectives.


When you anodize your parts, this means you are protecting the metal by increasing the thickness of its surface oxide layer. The result is improved ​resistance to wear and corrosion, plus it provides for better adhesion of paints and glues. Alodining is another finishing option where the metal is coated with a chemical called alodine. This coating process hardens the surface and last for years when it is painted. Let us help you choose.

Heat Treating

When you heat treat your parts, the high temperature changes the structure of the metal. The result is the altering its hardness, strength, ductility, or elasticity properties. Sometimes, materials cannot be machined to their final dimensions before heat treatment. So, your parts may require a pre- and post-heat treat machining process. We’ll work with you every step of the way to get it right.

Black Oxide

A black oxide coating results from a chemical reaction between iron present on the surface of ferrous metals and the oxidizing salts found in the black oxide solution. Benefits include corrosion protection, a decorative finish, reduced light glare, cost efficiency, and better adhesion performance for paint and other coatings.


If your parts require very tight tolerances and finishes, we can help. Our custom vendor can grind multiple diameter I.D (internal diameter) and O.D. (outside diameter) profiles. Their precision capabilities can provide tolerances of 0.0005 and finishes exceeding 16 Ra. We work closely with our partner to meet your requirements.

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